Alcohol - The Fuel For Growth?

Mar 02, 2024

How Alcohol Fueled Freedom

We all know that ethanol, the key component of alcohol, is used to fuel vehicles. But what if I told you that alcohol was also fueling something within me? As I began on the path to an alcohol-free life I uncovered some interesting insights about how alcohol had been influencing me and how I might not be where I am now if it hadn't.

 Discovering the Hidden Impact: 

 Since my decision to quit drinking, I've realized that alcohol and its long-term impact on my mental health was a subtle but powerful driving force behind how I was living my life. A tank of toxic fuel, had powered my energy and actions, as well as weighing me down with its aftereffects. This realization led me to understand that my lack of confidence, clarity, and connection with reality had been significantly influenced by this substance for more years than I care to imagine. 

 Unmasking Avoidance and Escapism: 

 As my awareness deepened, I began to uncover many things that I had been avoiding through drinking. I came to understand that even moderate alcohol consumption had created a significant gap between the person I was portraying and the person I could be and wanted to be. Alcohol had created a filter, and it was through this filter that I looked at and lived my life. 

 I am grateful that in the end, it amplified the underlying causes of my stress, and anxiety to such a degree that I could not ignore it anymore. 

 A Journey of Personal Growth: 

 I had attempted to manage my inner feelings and insecurities with alcohol. I used it to cruise through life, to make the hard things easier, or as an excuse not to do hard things. I could have spent my whole life fueled by this false friend, but thankfully I was forced to pay attention to the stop light. 

 While alcohol does temporarily fulfill its intended purpose of numbing and escapism I have become aware that it leaves in its wake an apathy and disconnection from reality. I was moving through my life half asleep, unconsciously creating a barrier between my life and its full potential. When alcohol lost its allure and power, I was left with myself and my emotions in full high definition and I got to face the crystal-clear, beauty of reality that I'd been running from for so long.  

 Embracing the Process: 

 I’ve found a lot of joy and peace in this discovery. As time passed, clarity grew, and fear lessened. Letting go of the distraction of alcohol led to a path of profound personal growth. Alcohol came first, and from there I found the courage and clarity to address other distractions like social media and sugar. So while our relationship wasn't ideal, I can now look back and appreciate its role in initiating my transformation. In a way, it woke me up more powerfully than it ever put me to sleep.

 Beyond the Veil: 

 Releasing the external fuels that had been driving me, I uncovered both monsters and treasures beneath the surface. My journey expanded far beyond what I had ever imagined when I prioritized clarity above all else, choosing to fuel myself with the pure, unfiltered truths of reality.  It was hard, it still is, but I’d choose this hard over the fleeting high of a drink, a follow, or a TV binge every time. For every false high, there is always a price to pay.

 A Community of Explorers: 

 Throughout the past three years, I've met remarkable individuals on a similar path. From mentors and colleagues to countless people walking beside me, we're all striving for freedom and self-discovery. This isn't the scenic drive; it's a profound journey for those willing to endure uncertainty and vulnerability in pursuit of something extraordinary. 

 Closing Words: 

 To all of you on this journey, I send you love and admiration. Your determination to explore beyond the obvious and keep moving forward in search of your own unique view is awe-inspiring. And for those still assessing and wondering how much "fuel" you still want to consume, I applaud your courage in even considering it. 


May we all continue down this road, embracing each step with patience, compassion, curiosity and courage.


The view that awaits is more than worth it. 




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