I am here to help you find joy and freedom living alcohol-free & beyond.

'In the end there are only three things that matter; how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things that are not meant for you'


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If alcohol is taking more from you than it's giving back then now is the time.

Whether you know exactly what you want for yourself, or you just know exactly what you don't want, I am here to help because I have been where you are now.

Eventually I found joy and freedom in living alcohol-free by focusing on what I was getting, not what I was giving up.  I created a life I didn't want to escape from, and you can too. 

So let’s get started...

Is alcohol taking more from you than it’s giving back?

Your self-respect, health, family, relationships, wealth and peace of mind? 


If the answer is yes then now is the time to;

Quit hangovers, anxiety and depression.

Quit irritability, lack of motivation and self loathing

Quit living at a 6 out of 10.


Can you begin to see that when you stop drinking alcohol it is the beginning of your life, not the end?

Imagine having all the 'upsides' of drinking such as fun, confidence, relaxation, excitement, adventure and even escapism WITHOUT having to deal with the aftermath?

The fact is you can.  And my job is to show you how.

So how long are you prepared to wait before you decide to wake up to a life that you really love?

How much more time will you waste making excuses?

How much longer will you tell yourself one day?

If alcohol is taking more than it’s giving isn't it time you decided to believe in yourself instead of the bottle?

If you want to uncover and discover the extraordinary person  you are without alcohol I can help because I'm  doing it every day for myself and with others.

Hi, I'm Sarah, a business owner, wife, mum of two and a former Grey Area Drinker.


Over the last 3 years I have integrated my lived experience, extensive training and study into creating a unique coaching methodology that combines modern psychology with the wisdom of ancient philosophy. I work in private practice and as a coach for both Thrivalist and The Alcohol-Free lifestyle programs.

 Certified in the following methodologies:

Master Grey Area Drinking Coach – Jolene Park Healthy Discoveries, High Sensory Coach – Illuminance, Strategic Intervention Coach – The Coaching Institute, & Results Coach -  (now NeuroLeadership Institute).

Other Study

Grad Diploma Counselling – Australian College of Applied Psychology, The Science of Wellbeing – Yale University, Self-Compassion Training – Dr Kristen Neff, Mindfulness Training - Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, Mindfulness Educator – Mindful Schools,  Philosophy Fundamentals - School of Practical Philosophy,  RMT Coach Program– Robbins-Madanes, Yoga 200hr Teacher Training (HYA) and advanced embodied practice (BIYOME yoga)

And I am currently in the Heroic Optimize Coach program. 

My Story

Before I discovered how to free myself from the grip of alcohol there was NO WAY I could have imagined not drinking.
I was stuck in a cycle of on-again off-again drinking, binge drinking, drinking alone and feeling shame, guilt and anxiety almost daily.
I wasn't a wild party girl, I didn't hurt myself (physically) and I was often one of the first to leave events. But I would drink, at almost every occasion and more often at home, alone. 
As a High Sensory Person and someone with social anxiety, I drank before I went out.  I hated small talk so I drank to fit in.  I drank to numb and soothe my frazzled nervous system. I drank away my motivation and my potential.  I was in survival mode, living on a rollercoaster of drunken highs and regretful lows.
After the numerous times when I would drink too much (for me) I would be left mentally exhausted, depressed, and often tapped out for days. I spent years journaling about it, blaming my depression and anxiety for my low moods, when in fact it was the alcohol that was causing them.
In 2019 enough was enough. I hadn’t reached any stereotypical rock bottom moment, but it was bad enough for me.  I wasn't happy with the way my life was going.  Aged 46, after losing both my parents I admitted to myself that my drinking was out of control. I decided life was too short and precious to waste feeling hungover, angry, and disappointed in myself. I was fed up living at a 6/10.  I knew life could be better, I knew I could be better and I didn’t want to waste any more time….can you relate?
Risking judgment, shame, and facing a huge amount of fear I took a major leap and went into a 2-week in-patient rehab.
That was 3 years ago (Oct 2019) and I haven’t drunk since.

How Can I Help?

 I work one:one with individuals and groups who want to gain control over alcohol or who have already suceeded for a time but are looking to continue their personal growth.

My programs consist of curated groups of like-minded individuals who believe alcohol is holding them back from being the person they want to be.

The courses are profoundly life-changing physically, mentally and emotionally. 


Whether you know exactly what you want long-term or if you just know that life as it stands is 'not good enough” I can help.

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Sarah is not only inherently graceful, generous, empathic and supportive, but she's also incredibly knowledgeable about the science behind alcohol and habit-forming behaviours, and growing my understanding of this piece was super helpful in staying the course. My mental and physical health has improved tenfold, and I really can’t thank her enough.

Lexi Peters, NSW

“Working with Sarah has been the most joyful and inspiring experience. She has an innate and highly intuitive way of honing in on the root of a problem or challenge, and does so with the utmost empathy, compassion and kindness. 

Maddy M. NSW 

I would highly recommend Sarah to anyone that is seeking balance, life purpose, drive and to reignite passion and zest for life.


Jo Boyd, Small Business Owner, QLD 

I came to Sarah when I was  I was stuck in a rut and had become too dependent upon alcohol. Sarah has the experience, the knowledge and the tools to help, I couldn't have done it without her. Today I am 1.5 years alcohol-free.

Carolyn, Senior Executive, BT, UK 

During my time working with Sarah, my mindset and perspective changed dramatically. It’s hard to describe what a huge role this played in not only staying alcohol free, but also how much my lifestyle and general outlook changed in turn. 

Alex P , NSW

Sarah is truly AMAZING!

I have worked with her over the past months and she has lead me to incredible insights about myself and my world.  She has an incredible way to make you feel comfortable and accepted. Each time I was with her I learned more about myself and was able to reach deep inside to pull out the nuggets of Gold which have lead me to personal growth for a lifetime.

Sheila Moore, USA

I was coached by Sarah for 3 months and came away with so much more knowledge and confidence than I can relate. Sarah coaches with a very positive, fun and science based method that encompasses our life as a whole.   I can’t thank Sarah enough for what I’ve learned from her and would recommend her coaching to anyone.

Shane 31 yr old tradie – VIC

Who would have thought I could be Alcohol-free?- I certainly didn't. I hadn't been AF  for as long as I can remember.  I have gained so much in this short period of time. The alcohol was hurting me and I didn't realize how much damage this was actually doing.
Thank you for not ever judging and for always being honest. I have now learned to inspire and believe in myself. 
Karen P NSW
I became alcohol-free for my teenage daughter who is in recovery. I remain alcohol-free for myself because I love being so clear, present, creative, and productive. The single person who had the most impact on my journey is Coach Sarah. As a fellow Highly Sensitive Person/empath she connected with me meaningfully and helped me to gain insights about my relationship with alcohol and how best to rewire my brain to get my dopamine and serotonin hits elsewhere. She helped me to level up as a mother, daughter, friend, and global citizen and for that, I am eternally grateful.
Rana Diorio, Children's media creator and entrepreneur

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