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Is alcohol taking more from you than it’s giving back? Your self-respect, health, family, relationships, wealth and peace of mind?

Does your drinking habit leave you feeling anxious, exhausted, demotivated, irritable, shameful and incongruent?

Do you believe, deep down, that alcohol may not be serving you any more but you can't imagine life without it?

This was me over 2 years ago. I was terrified to stop drinking. However the best decision I ever made was to try.

The time will NEVER be right to quit alcohol for good.  But isn't it time to explore what it feels like to quit all the downsides that it causes?


Isn't it time to:

Quit hangovers, anxiety and depression

Quit irritability, lack of motivation and self loathing

Quit living at a 6 out of 10

Quit saying 'one day'


Isn't it time to at least try? Maybe you'll discover, like so many others, that when you quit drinking alcohol it is the beginning of your life, not the end?

✓ Imagine waking each day with clarity, well rested, motivated, energised, confident and proud.

✓ Imagine dealing with your relationships from a place of presence, patience and love.

✓ Imagine looking in the mirror, seeing clear skin and bright eyes.

✓ Imagine craving healthy foods, restful nights and quality time with yourself and those you love.


You can.

How long are you prepared to wait before you decide to wake up to a life that you really love?

How much more time will you waste making excuses?

How much longer will you tell yourself one day?

How much longer will you look outside of yourself for the answers?

If alcohol is taking more than it’s giving isn't it time you decided to believe in yourself instead of the bottle?

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My group coaching programs have been developed based on my experience coaching 100s of high performers and HSPs ( High Sensory Processing Individuals).

I integrate my lived experience and extensive training and study into a unique methodology combining modern psychology with the wisdom of ancient philosophy. I am an alcohol-free lifestyle and beyond alcohol life coach. I work in private practice and as a coach for both Thrivalist and The Alcohol-Free lifestyle programs.


Master Grey Area Drinking Coach – Jolene Park Healthy Discoveries, High Sensory Coach – Illuminance, Strategic Intervention Coach – The Coaching Institute, Results Coach – now the NeuroLeadership Institute.

Other Study

Grad Diploma Counselling – Australian College of Applied Psychology, The Science of Wellbeing – Yale University, Self-Compassion Training – Dr Kristen Neff, Mindfulness Training - Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach, Mindfulness Educator – Mindful Schools, Living Philosophy - School of practical Philosophy, RMT Coach Program– Robbins-Madanes, Yoga 200hr Teacher Training (HYA) and advanced embodied practice (BIYOME yoga)

And I am currently in the Optimize Coach program.

The clients I’ve worked with all have different stories and backgrounds. But in the end all of them decided alcohol was taking more than it was giving.  

Many had tried other programs, AA and more, but found them depressing and unrelatable.

If this is you, join us!

We find adventure and new possibilities, not restriction and deprivation. In the program you will gain real power over alcohol, you will discover what you really want and need and how to recognise and realise your true potential beyond alcohol.


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When we drink, over time, we become physically and mentally addicted to the brief but highly seductive feeling that everything is OK in the world. We feel calmer, in control, relaxed. We may feel happy, confident, care-free.  Life feels manageable, fun, good again. Or we get so numb we just don't care.

Just for a while.

 BUT how long does it last?  How long before, at best, we wake to a hangover, poor food choices, and lethargy. Or worse, anxiety, remorse, self-hatred and fear. 

And to feel good again we reach for another drink.

What if there is another way? What if you can have all those positive feelings without having to deal with the collateral damage? 

Well. Good news. There is.

And this is what you will learn.

I take a holistic approach that includes teachings from modern science and ancient wisdom. An approach that considers mind, body and spirit and gives you the tools to manage your own unique journey.

In my group programs you will learn

✓ The fundamental tools and practices that you need to make the journey as easy and fun as possible

✓ The Science and research around alcohol, how it affects us and why we keep going back

✓ How to nurture and nourish the nervous system to reduce cravings, anxiety and depression

✓ How to bring patience and self compassion to your experiences leading to deeper growth and understanding of yourself and others

✓ How to apply the 'Be Do Have' model of living for greater joy, freedom and peace in your choices

✓ How to re-frame choosing alcohol-free. You are an emerging leader!

And so much more

This is NOT about quitting alcohol. This is about quitting all the negative consequences it brings. It's a chance to find out who you are and what you want from your life.

The chances are you've become really good at drinking. Why not try getting really great at NOT drinking?

Don't you owe it to yourself to try?

 Don't you deserve to at least find out what's possible without it?

After the course, you decide.

Aside from all the benefits listed above past clients report, and I have experienced on my own journey the following benefits;

  • Improved Sleep 
  • Increased Energy
  • Weight loss and ability to maintain it without strenuous exercise
  • Clarity and focus
  • Increase in productivity
  • Improved relationships 
  • Greater self control and self-respect
  • Purpose and clear intention
  • Feelings of pride for being a better parent, partner, leader and inspiration to others
  • And most of all peace of mind

Removing alcohol reduces guilt, shame, exhaustion, mental gymnastics, uncertainty, incongruence, self defeating behaviors and negative self talk. 

Imagine waking up each day alcohol-free! How would you feel about yourself? What would be different?  Who would you be? What would be possible?

 This is what we discover in our time together.

You CAN take control and change the chapters of your one unique life story.

Sarah is not only inherently graceful, generous, empathic and supportive, but she's also incredibly knowledgeable about the science behind alcohol and habit-forming behaviours, and growing my understanding of this piece was super helpful in staying the course. My mental and physical health has improved tenfold, and I really can’t thank her enough.

Lexi Peters, NSW

Who would have thought I could be Alcohol-free?- I certainly didn't. I hadn't been AF  for as long as I can remember.  I have gained so much in this short period of time. The alcohol was hurting me and I didn't realize how much damage this was actually doing.
Thank you for not ever judging and for always being honest. I have now learned to inspire and believe in myself. 
Karen P NSW

I was coached by Sarah for 3 months and came away with so much more knowledge and confidence than I can relate. Sarah coaches with a very positive, fun and science based method that encompasses our life as a whole.   I can’t thank Sarah enough for what I’ve learned from her and would recommend her coaching to anyone.

Shane 31 yr old tradie – VIC

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